Stakeholder programme

Stakeholder involvement (the Special Request 5) is getting more and more important worldwide in parallel with expansion of scientific results and experiences of the recent years' climate change projects. The need of identifying stakeholders and interacting with them were expressed in the vulnerability assessment - related closely to CarpathCC - made by the Carpivia project.   As an organic continuation of the recent progresses CarpathCC project would be the most detailed, segmented and also the most practical project in the Carpathian region, and probably Europe-wide Stakeholder involvement takes place as an independent Special Request (SR5) in the CarpathCC Framework Project which is an extremely important task for all project participants. There are 1 scientific and 2 stakeholder workshops planned to be held. The general objective of the workshops is to contribute to identifying the most feasible and most cost effective adaptation measures in selected focal areas and sectors.

Subjects of the study request:
series of stakeholder workshops will be organised and managed using knowledge-based facilitation techniques in order to generate:

a) a number of action scenarios in relation to the impacts of climate change, based on key impacts and assessments of vulnerability;
b) generate a number of adaptation options in relation to these scenarios;
c) evaluate the costs and benefits of the options along with their feasibility and
d) identify preferred options and adaptation pathways.

According to these goals above, our intention is to involve all of the stakeholders related to the focal areas in the specific sectors. In the case that you, your company or your organization is relevant to our subjects, please, be proactive and join to our stakeholder programme!

Contact person: Krisztina Rajcsányi-Müller, e-mail: