CarpathCC Workshop, Eger

24 January 2013 - 25 January 2013




The 1st CarpathCC workshop was organised for the Czech, Hungarian and Slovakian stakeholders to discuss the presented adaption measures related to the climate change in the Carpathian focusing on these focal areas. The agenda of the event is found attached.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce the program’s initial results and recommendations to the stakeholders in the concerned focal areas, and provide opportunity for them to discuss the findings with the researchers. Stakeholders in the Bükk and High Tatra mountains represented the state, the civilian organisations, communities and market players.


The workshop in Egerszalok, 24-25 January 2013 focused on introducing preliminary results and proposed adaptation measures in Bükk and High Tatra Mountains to the Slovak, Czech and Hungarian stakeholders. The conference gave an opportunity to discuss these results and give feedback for further consideration.

At the workshop, the following institutions were presented: Bükk National Park Directorate, National Environmental Institution’s Office for North Hungary, the Slovak Ministry of Water and Environmental Protection, Global Changes Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the State Forest of Tatra National Park.


Thank all of our guests for their participation and cooperation

during the CarpathCC workshop!


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