Focal Areas

Integral Vulnerability Assessments in Focal Areas

Overall and selected project goals and aims are investigated in five focal areas in the frame of Service Request SR6:

  1. Tatra Mountains (FA1)

  2. Rodna-Maramureş (FA2)

  3. Târnava Marė Area (FA3)

  4. Iron Gates parks (FA4)

  5. Bükk Mountains (FA5)

General objectives

In accordance with the structure of planned investigations within the CarpathCC project, the following topics will be investigated in the focal areas:

  • climate change threats and impacts on water resources

  • impacts of climate change threats on ecosystems

  • impact of climate change on ecosystem based production systems (on ecosystem services)

  • adaptation measures

Important part of the proposed work is the interaction among the different facets, i.e. the aim is to provide instead of a simple impact assessment a more comprehensive complex view.


General methodology

The methodology below shows the basic features of the planned work which will be fine-tuned with the close co-operation with CARPIVIA and at a later stage with the Project Climate of the Carpathian Region (CARPATCLIM). Integral vulnerability assessments in focal areas will be carried out in synergy with other investigations carried out in the package reflecting Service Requests. Methodological applications will be implemented in the focal areas in their complexity.

  • Collection of existing knowledge: information, data, tools, projects, literature

  • Development and application of appropriate indicators for the different assessments

  • Using GIS tools

  • Using modelling tools where possible: surface and subsurface hydrological models, ecological models

  • Application of the CARPIVIA metadata and GIS systems for cataloguing the collected and generated data

  • Two-way communication with stakeholders

  • Vertical structure: cooperation with all SRs

  • Bottom-up approach: As a first step, the environmental, management and vulnerability conditions/issues are revealed at focal area level. This is followed by the refinement of research topics for each focal area and the establishment of cooperation with the other SRs of CarpathCC

Contact person: István Zsuffa, e-mail:


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